10 Apr

Unexpected turn

What made it happen.

Still filled with sadness and remorse

Still filled with the unbearable pain left from lost souls.

But you make it bearable.

My future is still unclear 

I don’t prepare myself for falls but 

this fall is a teaching and every moment with you

fills me with hope and the bond we share

is unique and clear.

You are my happiness , my smile and laughter. 

You make me feel like club music. Alive

Just like the script I’m the girl that can’t be moved , you are 

apart of my soul and have become my biggest fear.


I had never believed in love. Some people confuse love with religion.

Some people confuse love with lust. But people like you make me reconsider.

You define fresh start.


Burning desire ,passion and emotion, the thought of loosing some like you

is boiling inside of me. Truth is , there is no one like you.


Your warm spirit that invalids the air with joyful cries and shrieks 

of laughter.


I just want to be close to you.

And maybe one day close to your heart.


I’d never pickpocket it or stomp on it.

I prayed the night before we met, God had spoken.

Angels are beautiful , and you fit the description.

My feelings continue to grow like a seed planted. 

And I’m honestly glad to have met you. 




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