Life With Myself and I..

18 Mar

Being single don’t mean your weak or you’re unattractive. It just means you can look after yourself, stay classy and independent and still be 10 xs happier and flirt.

You don’t need to rely on anyone but yourself.

Being single isn’t about trying to find someone better than your ex. It’s about making a better you to attract a better next. What’s the need of rushing into a relationship to cover that hole that the person before left. It won’t make any different or change the way you feel. Let your feelings change over time. Don’t force it. (Well certain scenarios you could really hate your previous partner so your feeling can change to bitter sweet)

Being single allows you to free your mind and recover. I personally being single allow me time for me to build my confidence. No stress , no commitments , no worry. To be honest I love turning people down. I feel in power.

But I guess that right person will come one day, and but It’s worth the wait. So now its me myself and I baby and of course my best-mates.



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